Photo Sign Up

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Our online sign up form below offers several shooting fee options for the show. Sign up pricing is for 1 Horse & Rider Combination. Your online gallery will offer tons of purchasing options after the show.
PLEASE NOTE: The site does NOT redirect you to Paypal. After you complete the sign up and hit submit please go back to the the website menu and click the PAYPAL link. Thank you!



When will my proofs be ready?

When time and internet is available we try to upload proofs within 24 hours, however, all proofs are uploaded within 3-5 days from the end of the show.

What do I get for the $45 signup fee?

The $45.00 fee is our basic shooting fee, similar to what you would pay at a professional studio. It covers one horse & rider combo and it does not come with any images.

Do you photograph all of my rides?

We do try to photograph multiple rides, but we do not guarantee to shoot all of them. Please let us know if you have anything specific you'd like us to photograph.

If we scratch our classes do we get a refund?

We refund the shooting fee if we are notified BEFORE your ride time. If you don't show up for your rides, we do not offer a refund.

May I give the photos to my sponsors?

No, you may not give the photos to anyone else for their use. You may tag your sponsors in your own social media posts, but they may not use the images in any promotional material of their own.