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Our Mission

The best people for your photography needs are experienced professionals who have been competitors themselves -- give us a try, see the difference.
As both Sue & Jonna rode dressage competitively, owning horses and having competed give them a great understanding of what the rider is looking for. They are both horse lovers to the bone, and being behind the camera allows them to work and play at the same time. As always, they are dedicated to the needs of the competitor.

Sue Stickle & Jonna Koellhoffer

Who We Are

Sue & Jonna met in 1983 at the Broken Wheel Ranch in Livingston, NJ. Both barn rats who spent every spare minute with each other & their horses. When they started showing and photographing each at the shows, other competitors would ask to be photographed as well. Thus was the beginning of SusanJStickle.com Equestrian Photography. It was a few years before they devoted all their time to building the business to what it is today.

Behind the Camera

Susan (Sue) Stickle

As a professional photographer Sue stays up to date with all the technology offered in the photo industry, attending classes whenever possible. As a result, she offers the highest quality products to her customers and is one of the most sought-after equestrian photographers in the industry.
When not photographing horses, Sue enjoys shooting landscapes as well as underwater scenes. Her images of the World Trade Center Tribute in Lights hangs in the U.S. Custom Department Headquarters in

General Manager

Jonna Koellhoffer

Jonna manages all the day-to-day technical operations of the business and also fills in as a photographer whenever necessary. If you've ever had a question, you're familiar with Jonna's lightning fast responses!

Behind the Camera & Office!

Meg McGuire

For the past 8 years we have been privileged to have Meg as an integral part of the Susan J. Stickle Equestrian Photography team. In addition to finding her shooting with us at the many venues we cover, she plays a huge role behind the scenes, and helps to keep everything running like clockwork.

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